“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

― Albert Einstein

Most enterprises today are faced with a pressing concern: Choosing a software package that is tailor made to suit their specific organizational needs. A configurable software is one which allows for flexibility in its structure which allows any team working with it to mold it according to its own individual requirements.

The importance of this is apparent when your team starts working with the software on a daily basis. An easily configurable software allows for teams to cut on time spent on routine tasks, which translates into saved time and cuts in cost for the company. It helps to improve the flow of work, which leads to more work being done in less time. Maximizing efficiency is the main goal here.

Keeping these needs in consideration, Yodiz strives to gives its users a highly customizable workspace, in which each individual organization can tailor the tool to its specific needs. Yodiz allows you to make customizations in:

1. Custom configuration of all boards

All of the boards Yodiz are customizable, which include the Scrum board (Sprint board), Kanban board, Issue board and Release board. The layout of every board can be molded to fit with an organizations work practices. The Edit board layout option lets you redesign the boards according to your specific needs.

  • Scrum board: The Scrum board allows you to choose which mapped columns you want displayed on the board at any time. In this manner you can control the way in which items ‘swim across the lanes’.
  • Kanban board: Similarly, the Kanban board offers similar full customizability, where the user can choose which mapped status appears as a column on the board.
  • Issue Board: Full customizability for the Issue board is also available, where columns can be created according to status of Issues at will.
  • Release Board: Release board customizability gives you full control over your releases. You can choose to create columns for User Stories or Issues of differing status at will.

2. Customizable Fields for User Stories, Issues and Tasks

Yodiz gives you the option of creating customizable data entry fields for any work item, including User Stories, Issues and Tasks. This gives you a high level of customizability not seen in other tools.

3. Customizable Statuses

Yodiz allows you to change status names, and even their color which allows you to enhance visibility and set your own rules for classification of items.

4. Customizable Dashboards.

The User Dashboard feature is a fully customizable feature, where the user can choose which form of statistical tool they want to be displayed from a long list of options.

5. Ability to add hash tags to items

Yodiz allows you to add custom hash tags to any Work Item, which means that you can perform searches for items based on the tag assigned to them. This feature is great for classification purposes and also makes performing searches for relevant items easier. 

All of these features have been specifically designed to provide the user a high level of flexibility, and to empower the user to build their working environment in a manner that is most comfortable for their own team. We hope you have fun playing around with the tool and discovering its dynamic potential!