Yodiz release update for January 2017 brings easier dashboard navigation, enhancements to existing features and integration with Zapier enabling interaction with over 500 tools.

New Features

  • Navigation Menu
  • Zapier Integration
  • Yodiz API for Developers
  • Change Item Type after it is Created
  • Access Backlog from Scrum and Release Boards
  • Real Time Push Notifications

Updates and Improvements

  • Calendar Updates
  • Sorting
  • Performance Fixes in API import
  • Performance Fixes on Board levels
  • Redesigned Source Code Integrations Pages

1. Navigation Menu Changes

The main navigation menu has been redesigned for easier access by providing better categorization of sub-menus.


1.1 Analytics Dropdown

The newly added Analytics menu provides easier navigation to your personal and shared Dashboards, Sprint & Release Analytics, Project Roadmap, Time Sheet, Reports and Company Pulse.


2. Zapier Integration

Yodiz now introduces all the popular integrations with much more feasibility via Zapier. You can synchronize your Yodiz account with all your favourite web applications to make sure you are always connected. Learn more about this integration here.


3. API for Developers

Yodiz REST API gives you the ability to build new add-ons and allows Yodiz integration with other applications. You can extract your Yodiz data into multiple applications via API.

Yodiz API Documentation

4. Change Item Type after it is Created

The new Item Conversion feature allows you to convert item types after they are created. This means if your User Story is too broad you can simply change it to a Task and vice-versa. No need to create a new item every time, just go to the Popup view of your User Story and change its Item Type. Learn more about this feature here.


5. Backlog at Right Navigation Panel

The Backlog tab has been added to the right navigation panel on Sprint, Kanban and Release Boards. You can add User Stories directly into your Sprint or Release boards by clicking on the highlighted + Add icon.


6. Real-Time Push Notifications for Description Updates

Push Notifications now let you see who is making Description changes while viewing or updating an Item.


7. Calendar Updates

You can now switch between Weekly and Monthly views with an easy toggle button.


In Weekly view you can use the Previous and Next week side strips to drop an Item on the desired date and it will be scheduled accordingly.


8. Sprint and Release Listing Improvement

Sorting is now improved for Sprint and Release dropdowns. Items with the earliest End Date will appear first under Active & appear last under Recently Closed categories. Items with the earliest Start Date will appear first under the Upcoming category.


9. Enhanced Sorting

9.1 Severity on Planning Board

Sort Issues Backlog according to Severity on your Planning Board.


9.2 Last Login Sorting on Manage Users Screen

It is now possible to view and sort on users according to “Last Seen” date/time in Manage Users.


10. Other Fixes and Improvements

The following fixes and updates are also part of this release:

  • Improved performance of third-party API imports
  • Improved Items loading time on Boards
  • Redesigned source code integrations pages

Have some feedback? Let us know your thoughts on this release at support@yodiz.com