1. What is Yodiz offering a Project manager and his/her team?

Yodiz Agile Project Management Tool Features 2

Yodiz is a complete package. When you combine all the individual features being offered by Yodiz into one whole, it becomes a powerhouse of a Project management tool. Let’s have a look at each of the features one by one.

1.1. Product Backlog

The product backlog is one of the main features of Yodiz. A User Story is basically a task that needs to be accomplished, and has the person responsible for it, and person following it associated with it. The Product Backlog is a visual representation of all User Stories that are currently being worked upon by the team. It allows you to select the Project for which you want to view User Stories.

All User Stories on the board are sorted according to Priority levels, which can be adjusted for each User Story by the user. All User Stories also have a Status, which lets you know which stage the User Story is at, from New to Completed.

1.2. Epics

An epic allows you to group a number of User Stories together. The team can then decide to complete the Epic in any amount of time that they find suitable. An epic can be restricted to a single project or it can span over multiple projects. An epic is a broad goal that is eventually achieved by the team by performing several other more precise goals. Yodiz provides you the feature of creating and maintaining such goals.

1.3. Sprints  

Yodiz allows you to divide work into Sprints, in the traditional Agile fashion of doing things. Sprints are usually periods (normally 1-2 weeks) decided by the team, in which releases are made. This allows for a continuous process development, where output is produced every now and then, and can then be further improved with feedback. Yodiz allows for full support of creating and managing sprints, which are incorporated into the boards.

1.4. Releases

Releases are made after every Sprint, or after a couple of Sprints, depending on the team. A release is an iteration of your product that you make available to the public, and await their feedback to make improvements in the next release. Yodiz has full support for managing and tracking releases.

1.5. Issue Tracker

Yodiz provides you with an Issue Tracker for creating, viewing and managing Issues within your project. An Issue is a particular problem, or bug that needs to be resolved. As with User Stories, you can add attachments to the Issue, have a responsible person for it, and even apply tags to it.

1.6. Dashboards

Yodiz provides you with powerful user dashboards, which allow you to use various statistical and analytical tools to keep track of and analyze the progress of your current projects in Yodiz. These are very advanced tools for power users, and come in a vast variety.

1.7. Integrations

Yodiz offers easy Integrations with most leading programs in the industry that make the overall flow of work smooth whenever working on any project.

1.8. Collaboration

Yodiz allows for quick and effective collaboration by the team on any given project at any time. It doesn’t even matter if your team are physically in the same place or not, with Yodiz collaboration between teams is simple and effective.