The Yodiz Team is excited to announce our latest release!
As always, our releases are based on prioritized requests from our customers. We aim to consistently give you features that will increase your project visibility and improve your experience with Yodiz.

1. Redesigned Backlog

A smart Backlog can go a long way in better work management. That’s why in this release we have focused on making a good Backlog even better, which includes multiple new features along with numerous improvements.

Learn more about all the backlog improvements in this help article. We have highlighted some of the major Backlog features below.

Please note: You can still access our previous backlog named ‘Classic Backlog’ from the right navigation panel.

1.1 Right & Left Navigation Panel

Redesigned Backlog now comes with navigational panels. Use quick filters from the left navigation panel and keep track of Backlog activities on right navigation panel.


1.2 Multi-Select Options

The multi-select feature is now available with our redesigned backlog. Select multiple user stories and then apply Bulk-Edit actions to edit, move and delete.

Additionally, drag and drop option is also enabled to easily rearrange multiple user stories.


1.3 Filters Enhancement

Search and filters experience at Backlog is now redesigned and similar to the search and filters on Sprint, Release and Issue Tracker boards.

1.4 Pagination

Loading of Items is improved by only showing 50 items per page. Paging counter is shown at the bottom bar of the board.


Have a lot of reference links or always needing to make sure if reference documents are attached to User Stories? Yodiz now gives you the ability to add links as attachments. You can add any web or document link for your reference, e.g if you have an Evernote document, you can simply attach that link to your User Story, Issue, Task or Epic. 


3. Filters for Activity Feed

Interested in finding out what has been done by a specific user or what has been done on specific days? You can now filter your Activity Feed by user, sprint, release or date range.


4. Integrations with UserVoice, Freshdesk and Zendesk

We enhanced the experience in the previous release for help desk integrations, however, attachments to support tickets were not fetched and shown at Yodiz. This process has now been improved, and attachments for Freshdesk and UserVoice tickets are now accessible. Zendesk has some limitations in their API and we can only show attachments as part of the comments at ticket.


5. Enhanced Visibility on Project Roadmap

Project Roadmap in Gantt chart is an easier way to view, manage and track your Releases and Sprints. Previously, you were able to view all the items associated to any Sprint or Release. However, the Status of individual items were not visible. With this release we enhanced the fucntionality and Status is now visible along with showing the team member Responsible.


6. New UI for Bulk Edit Feature on Issue Tracker

Our much loved Bulk Edit feature has been a time saver since its launch and is now improved with a better UI.


7. Improved Quick Add Experience

Quick Add is handy option to create user stories and issues. With this release, we improved the experience and instead of scrolling through drop-down lists, you can quickly search through fields and select the desired values.


8. Increased Responsiveness with Zoom and Columns

Zooming experience is now more responsive on all boards. Columns also expand or contract when using the zooming bar, which is very helpful when you have more than four status columns on a board and want to see all contents without needing to scroll right and left.


9. Performance and Overall Updates

With this release you can expect improved performance and experience smoother functionality and much more:

  • Item Pop Up View: Experience a speedy pop-up view to see Item details. The loading time has been reduced by 25% for the initial load. The addition of loaders will also improve your pop-up loading experience.
  • Login/Signup Screen: We have introduced newly designed screens for login and signup.
  • Original File Name: You can now retain your original file name when downloading your files from Yodiz.
  • Stable Page Loading: Now only the board contents reload when you switch between boards. The addition of skeletons and loaders on boards and pages has also improved performance and page loading.

In addition to features listed above, a number of production issues have been resolved to provide your user experience.

10. Upcoming Yodiz Plugin for Freshdesk

Freshdesk users, you will soon be able to add User Stories or Issues directly into Yodiz though your Freshdesk Customer Support Console. This plugin will be available in the next few days, so get ready to make your customer support teams more productive and efficient.


Have suggestions or comments for our next release or feedback on this March release?
Let us know your thoughts at Support Yodiz.