We are excited to announce our December 2016 release with number of new features and improvements that make Yodiz even more efficient to manage your teams, track progress and get relevant information instantly.

We kept our tradition of prioritizing features that our customers have been asking for and happy to share the full list of improvements that our team has introduced with this release update.

Important Note: In case you have issues with attachments or comments, kindly clear your browser cache and additionally you may want to search and delete Yodiz related cookies. Once you have cleared cache and cookies, hard refresh your browser using Ctrl+Shift+R (for Windows) or Cmd+Shift+R (for Mac).

New Features

  • Gantt charts
  • Calendar view by Due Date for Sprints and Releases
  • Customizable Quick Add
  • Project Documents
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • View Sprints and Releases by Swimlanes (e.g., by User, Release, Epic, etc.)
  • Set Default Landing Page
  • Option to view the Time Line of an item with Cycle and Lead Time
  • Option to view Duration of an item in Panel and Status

Major UX Changes

  • Enabled user friendly association with multiple items through redesigned integrations with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Uservoice and HappyFox
  • Ability to separate Favorite Projects from your existing list of Projects
  • Ability to rank your Projects based on importance
  • Fixed experience of drop-downs

UX improvements

  • Ability to log Effort in Time Sheet
  • Define sorting order within Boards by user, sequence, etc.
  • Changes on Scrum Analytics for Burn-Down
  • Enhancements in To-Do (Separation of My and Other Users Items under US widget)
  • Link to the Navigation on Details page
  • Enhancement in Slack notifications
  • Both Issues Count and Tasks Count are shown at Epic level
  • Sprint and Release History
  • Columns collapse and expand to provide better visibility 
  • Enhancement in Sprint Scope
  • Enhancement in Attachment Section
  • Enhancements in Payment UI
  • Enhancement in Reports

Detailed Description of New Features

1) Gantt Chart 

You can now view Releases and Sprints on the Gantt Chart. Get a quick view of all your projects with this simple visual planner. Simply drag and drop the release bars to change the plan.

Learn how to use Gantt Charts here.


2) Calendar View by Due Date

For Scrum Masters, it is an instant way to see what items are expected today while doing their daily Scrum. A feature Scrum Masters were thrilled about in our private testing. 🙂 For users, it is also beneficial to see items that are coming up or over due and set priorities for their own work.

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3) Customizable Quick Add

Now our Quick Add option allows you to choose from our existing System Fields or Custom Fields. Once you select the fields, the system will remember them in your cookies so you don’t have to select them again.


4) Improved Integration with Helpdesk systems

Integrations with helpdesk systems like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Uservoice and HappyFox have now significantly improved. With our new view you are able to:

  • Link multiple existing Items to single customer ticket
  • Create instant new Items and link to customer tickets
  • Search and sort in different ways
  • Manage multiple services under the same view
  • For Zendesk and Freshdesk, send the response to the customer directly or just leave an internal note for your support team

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5) Project Documents

If there is a need to share project level documents with the team, we have a simple documents page where you can:

  • Attach files from local drive, Google Drive, Box
  • Copy direct link to attach in other items or access directly

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6) Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)

Track and understand trends for any Items in a Project. You can get the CFD based on Status or based on Status Categories.

To add custom flow diagram widget, please go to “User Dashboard”, select Add widget and then click on “Common” to see the CFD widget.

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7) View Boards by Swimlanes

Swimlanes allow you to see and group content within a Sprint or Release board. For example, you can track what Epics or individual users are being worked on within a Sprint.

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8) Set Home Page

Customize your default landing page based on your unique needs as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc. For example, if you are product owner, you might want to have “Backlog” as your default landing page.



9) Set Default Sorting Order and Duration in Panel

There are two new settings introduced at Board layout editor

  • Define the default sorting order for “Release Board” and also for “ScrumBan-Kanban” boards
  • Enable checkbox to view duration of item in the column. It will help identify the items that haven’t moved for long time

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10) Minimize Columns for Better Visibility 

You can easily expand or minize the columns that you don’t want to see. It becomes handy in situations where there are many columns.



Next Release update

We are already busy working on more exciting features for our next release that is planned for January 2017. Feel free to leave us feedback at support@yodiz.com or comment at this post.