Team Building Activities To Motivate Employees

Motivating Team Building Activities at Work

Productivity in work can only be guaranteed if your employees have the ability to work well together. The teams who can work together are more efficient and passionate about success. If one of the member goes low, the others can put him on track. Such teams are happier, successful and fun working with. Work becomes interesting if there’s some activity to engage the employees.

Team building and team development is thus important so your employees are motivated to work for you.

These simple and applicable team building activities at work are totally motivating

Following activities are especially designed to motivate employees and encourage team work.

1) Digital scavenger hunt

It is a modern approach to engage employees, you can arrange a scavenger hunt for your employees. This one however makes sure that you get to play it even in limited area. It is a fun activity that involves finding different stuff on webpages.

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For this game, arrange your employees in to even teams. It is ideal if you have a bigger workplace but if you don’t you can do it digitally. Ask teams to find stuff online. Assign rewards for winning teams.
This would help your team to engage, collaborate and be productive. There’s nothing more convenient for you in a limited work environment. It is particularly beneficial for IT guys.

2) Blind drawing

It is another very interesting technique to get your employees to learn team coordination, team communication and of course teamwork.

This game involves grouping up teams of two members. Give a printed image to other and give a pencil and sheet to other person. Make both of them sit towards their back on each other. The member with picture will describe the other person how to draw the picture and what to draw. The final results will be somewhat fun. The team with most accurate drawing wins. Give rewards such as pizza or an hour off to winning team.
It overcomes communication barriers and help your employees enhance their coordination.

3) Passing the ball

Indeed an interesting game. The only difference is that it isn’t a simple passing the ball game. You get to learn a lot about each other. It creates a friendly environment and motivate your employees to perform better.

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You just need a big ball and fill it up with questions. The questions may include weaknesses and strengths of fellow employees or yourself. The questions may also ask to mimic a fellow employee or a movie star. It doesn’t matter what questions you write up as long as they are ethically correct. Pass the ball when the music starts and the person having the ball at the end of the music should pick a question and answer it.

It gives a chance to get to know additional skills that your team has so you can adequately utilize them when required. It also gives employees a chance to show their skills while a sense of overall coordination is achieved.

4) Redecorate the office

It is creative, productive and efficient team building activity. Your employees get to show their creative side, engage with other employees while you get a perfectly redesigned office.

You can give them the supplies and tell them it’s a day off from work and assign them different areas to decorate. Make a team leader for each group who will ensure that the theme of each group is getting along. It is important to have overall coordination so that you don’t end up with a messed up office.
It is a great way to achieve team work, collaboration, communication and productivity. You can also get to know how your employees can work under team leaders.

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5) Eat together

It is another great activity for team coordination. As it has been said “People who eat together, stay together”.
It is also applicable to workplaces because workplace require team coordination more than anything. If people have no communication barriers, they are likely to ask each other for help whenever required. Specify a time for lunch and make sure your employees sit together rather than sitting in their own cubicles.

Arrange a lunch for your employees outside workplace in every two months. This gives them a chance to get time off from work, coordinate with each other and enjoy each other’ company. This way work will never be too boring and the dialogue between you and your employees would also be open always.


Team building is imperative for a happy working environment which in turn ensures productivity and success.