Top User Story Books To Writing Good User Stories

Top Books About Writing Good User Stories In Agile Scrum Methodology

User stories are a short but complete requirement description. These requirements can be unscheduled and shuffled. There are different ways you can write user stories based on the project domain you work in like, Software development, Mobile apps, Testing, Marketing etc. There are no strict rules in writing user stories, only user stories should well-defined and well-structured.

A user story is mainly comprises of three things:

As a (Role)
I Want (What)
So That (Why, Benefit)

What should be included in above section when writing user stories is totally up to you.
You can include following to make your user story more explanatory. Make sure that you are thinking in terms of functionality but as a user flow.

  • Use scenario based approach, describe scenario from the point of view from a user
  • Use real example of problem.
  • UI mockups.
  • Condition of satisfaction/Acceptance criteria.

User story is the main part of Agile Development methodology. Basic guideline about effective user stories are described in Agile books.
There is also a user stories acceptance criteria in Agile methodology, which we already discussed in our previous blog.
In our previous blog we shortly discussed about User Stories Acceptance Definition and Criteria in Agile Methodologies.

Who write user stories in Scrum Agile:

Product owner is the person who write user stories. In some cases users are also able to write user stories. But in most cases Product owner get ideas from users or generate his ideas to create effective user stories for his product.
In this blog we are covering all best books which are briefly focusing on user stories. After reading these books you are able to write effective and good user stories.

There are lot of books are available online and in market about user stories, but a best book is that one, which is written by experts and experienced persons. Here we are giving a list of best user stories books. If you know any more useful book then feel free to comment below.

1) User Stories Applied

Top_User_Story_Books_User_Stories_Applied_By_Mike_CohnGet Book

Mike Cohn is Editor-in-Chief at SourceMedia and founder of Mountain Goat Software. He is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania. Highly respected professional in field of agile and scrum.


This book is a brief introduction of user stories. What makes a user story great and what makes it bad. When we can’t speak with our users, then how to gather user stories in a practical way.
How to organize user stories and prioritize then. How to use user stories for planning, Management and testing.

2) User Story Mapping

Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product

Top_User_Story_Books_User_Story_Mapping_Discover_the_Whole_Story,_Build_the_Right_Product_By_Jeff_Patton_&_Peter_EconomyGet Book

Jeff Patton is a (CSM) Certified ScrumMaster and (CSPO) Certified Scrum Product Owner. He is also a Founder and Chief Troublemaker of Jeff Patton and Associates.


User story mapping is a useful tool for Agile software development. This book hekp you to understand, why and how to use this tool. Lot of techniques given in this book will help your agile team to stay focus on users and their needs.

3) Scrum – User Stories:

How to Leverage User Stories For Better Requirements Definition (Scrum Series) (Volume-2)

Top_User_Story_Books_Scrum_-_User_Stories_How_to_Leverage_User_Stories_For_Better_Requirements_Definition_Scrum_Series_Volume_2_By_Jefferson_HanleyGet Book

Jefferson Hanley is the writer of this book.


User story is a convenient way to describe your requirements to development team. This book a help guide for everyone. It describes that how user stories can be leveraged to provide a beter project experience.

4) Writing Effective User Stories

As a User, I Can Express a Business Need in User Story Format To Get the IT Solution I Need

Top_User_Story_Books_Writing_Effective_User_Stories_As_a_User_I_Can_Express_a_Business_Need_in_User_Story_Format_To_Get_the_IT_Solution_I_Need_By_Angela_Hathaway_and_Tom_HathawayGet Book

Angela Hathaway and Tom Hathaway are the author of this book. They delivered hundreds of training courses and publications for the business analysts all around the world.


This book presents the two common structures of user stories. Which help you to ensure about user stories required components. There are five simple rules of best user story in this book.
Good user stories are closely related to project, it is unambiguous and understandable.

5) Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your User Stories

Top_User_Story_Books_Fifty_Quick_Ideas_to_Improve_Your_User_Stories_By_Gojko_Adzic_and_David_EvansGet Book

David Evans is an Agile Software Development coach. He also provides training, strategic consulting and team coaching in the field of Agile Quality.
Gojko Adzic is a strategic software delivery consultant. He is specialized in agile and lean quality improvement, particularly in agile testing.


This book is a help guide for better stories, spot and fix common issues. It helps you to Split Stories into smaller and valuable parts. It also give a brief guide to deal crosscutting concerns, long term effects and non-functional requirements. It helps you to achieve Agile and iterative delivery promise.

6) Writing Effective Use Cases

Top_User_Story_Books_Writing_Effective_Use_Cases_By_Alistair_CockburnGet Book

Alistair Cockburn is a recognized expert on use cases. He is also a consulting fellow at Humans and Technology, where his responsibility is to help clients to succeed with object-oriented projects.


This book provides a beneficial means of project planning. It show how people will ultimately use system being designed. This book provides nuts and bolts tutorial for writing effective use cases. This book covers the introductory, intermediate and advanced level concepts.

7) Mastering User Stories

Top_User_Story_Books_Mastering_User_Stories_By_Kevin_Brooks_and_Whitney_QuesenberyGet Book

Venkadesh Narayanan is the writer of this book. He is a mechanical engineer and MBA from Hult International Business School of Boston.


“Mastering User Stories” does not assume any prerequisite knowledge about user stories and explains the topic right from the basics. After reading this book, reader will not only understand the concepts of user stories, but he also will master in writing user stories. Book is written in narrative style and also a handy guide for today’s business analysts.

8) Storytelling for User Experience

Crafting Stories for Better Design

storytelling_mechanical.inddGet Book

Kevin Brooks and Whitney Quesenbery are the writers of this book.
Kevin Brooks is a technical and mathematical endeavors.
Whitney Quesenbery wrote two books on the subject of “Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting stories for better design” and “Global UX for Design and research in a connected world”.


This book is a guideline for integrating storytelling into user research and design have already given new ways to help your clients in a better way. This book helps you to know your users and deliver great products and services.

9) Agile Requirements Management with User Stories

Top_User_Story_Books_Agile_Requirements_Management_with_User_Stories_By_Fran_O’HaraGet Book

This book is written by Fran O Hara. He is the Owner director of Inspire Quality Services.


This book is a short, well-defined explanation of user story. After reading this book, reader will not only understand the clear concepts of user stories, he also will be able to writing good user stories.

10) Introduction to User Stories

(DVD Guide)

Top_User_Story_Books_Introduction_to_User_Stories_(DVD_Guide)_By_William_KrebsGet Book

William Krebs is developer, performance engineer, and consultant. He work at five IBM Labs since 1983. He is a Certified Scrum Master, Practitioner, certified MBTI facilitator, member of an Agile Carolinas User group, Agile RTP, ISTE, IEEE, ACM, PMI, APLN, Scrum Alliance, and Agile Alliance.


Introduction to User Stories is a DVD based lecture guide. This book is a complete video guide for User stories.