why scrum works-agile software development methodology

Why Scrum Works

There are many project management systems in Agile, Scrum is one of them. Scrum is a project management working life cycle, and mostly used in software developments. Often people think that scrum is a methodology but, actualy it is an Agile framework for managing the development processes.
Scrum is a fastest planning for working. It works more fast than others because it works on some favourable pattern, which we have discussed later down here. Scrum partite (divide) the work and is easy to understand.

Scrum is useful for team to communicate and coordinate with each others. Scrum is a structured programming and meeting style, which works well for Scrum team. Scrum has a simple but effective mechanism for tracking project progress.

There are a lot of reason which makes scrum work better than other programming framework. Few reasons are listed below and shortly discussed.

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Open Communication and Coordination

In scrum, team is open minded and communicates friendly with each other. It makes development environment friendly and mind-resting. Everyone can do his task with peace of mind and consciousness. Team discusses every issue in open communication environment. Scrum master helps scrum team to resolve their conflicts and facilitate them to do their task more efficiently.

Distributed project

Scrum distributes the project into sprints. Sprints is a set period of time in which a specific task is completed. Distributed work make project easy to work and lessens the burden from developers and testers.


In Scrum, team works in friendly environment they can get and give suggestion from their team workers. So, we can say scrum team is a self-motivated team. They get motivated from their work. Friendly relation with team members enables the scrum team to work more efficiently.

Free Choice

Scrum allows team members to work with their choice. Scrum master assigns user stories to his scrum team according to their abilities and choices. This self choosing method makes scrum members more active and passionate with their work.

Confucius said:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Self Planning

Scrum team is a self planning team. Product backlogs are listed by product owner. Then afterwards Scrum master does planning with the coordination of scrum developers, testers and other team members. Scrum team plans their work with mutual coordination so they can complete their task in specific time period. Self planning makes scrum process more workable.

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Scrum gives a quality product. Mutual coordination, self motivations and many other aspects make product more valuable. Product Owner can make any alteration in product at any stage of development. Therefore, we can say that the scrum not only focuses on fast productivity, it also focuses on product quality.

Time management

Scrum distributes the product into small Sprints. As we discussed earlier that Sprint is a set period of time in which a specific task is completed. In sprint, team does time management planning. Release time period is adjusted in sprints. After the completion of each sprint scrum team can get to know either the project parts are completing on time or late.

Continuous improvement

As we discussed in quality section that PO owner can make any alteration in product at any development stage. This feasibility helps to do continuous improvement in product. Continuous improvement can make product more effective, according to PO or end users choice.

Fun factor

There is also a fun factor in scrum. Every day 15 minutes scrum standup meetings, sprint planning meeting, Release Planning Meeting, Review Meetings and Sprint Retrospective Meeting provide scrum team a gathering platform, where they can discuss their issues. Celebrations at the end of sprint completions or product release.

Rhys Ifans Said:

Work Hard, Party Harder

Quick Result:

The quick result is also another factor of scrum. A couple of complete sprints are sufficient to show client working product. In this way, scrum team gets early feedbacks which help to shape the work ahead.


Scrum framework also focus on the importance of product features. It gives the facility to the developers to develop prioritized features first. Prioritization is mostly dependeded on business values. It also saves time to not develope unnecessary (wasted) features.


Autonomy is another factor of scrum. Every team member has the ownership to his task. He completes his task to his choice and his style, the only thing scrum need is the completion of the task.

No Interruption:

In scrum framework, scrum team works under healthy and comfortable environment. Scrum master facilitate his team. Un-interrupted environment gives team members a healthy environment to work on.


Another amazing feature which makes scrum the most favorable development framework is its ability to alter product at any step. In scrum, we can change or alter the product at any position. Because divided work in sprints helps team to make the product more favorable. It saves your money and time.

Customers viewpoints

Customers viewpoint is also another reason of scrum fame. Product owner is able to view the scrum planning and work. He comments about his requirements and his end users demand during the development. With feedbacks, product gets improved.

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In the End (Final Words):

Other methods of development in Agile (like lean, XP, Kanban, etc.) are also effectively working but scrum is more effective due to some specific reasons given above.
After reading this blog we’re hopeful that you have got an idea why scrum works!. If you have any question or you want to share your ideas with us then comment below. Your feedbacks are valuable for us and we appreciate your contributions.