Comprehend your work by looking at what is achieved, what work is ongoing and what is coming up. To do so, the Backlog Board provides you few additional built-in filters of User Stories. Use smart statistics Drop down under main navigation, to see work items according to your selection e.g., In Sprints on the right side of drop down.

The counter on the left shows two numbers i.e., Total number of stories and Sum of estimates.

Assess Project Backlog with One Click

There are 4 main groupings of User Stories in Backlog.

  • Backlog: User Stories that are in backlog and they are neither Done nor in a Sprint.
  • In Sprint: All User Stories which are in Sprint and their status is not in Done Category.
  • Done: User Stories with the Status Set of Done Category. It counts all Done User Stories irrespective of if they are part of a Sprint or not.
  • All: User Stories from all above groups.