Using Board Layout Editor to customize columns and status

Some of the key things that you can do at Board layout editor are: Create multiple new columns/panels. [...]

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Custom fields of different types

At Yodiz reloaded Beta, there is enhanced functionality to create custom fields. There are multiple types of custom [...]

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Item Screen

In this article we will discuss following things: Default Screen Custom Screen Edit Custom Screen Delete Custom Screen [...]

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Manage Priorities

Priorities help to classify User Story importance concerning business value. Get the most important User Stories done first [...]

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Manage Severities

Severities help you to categorize your Issues according to the seriousness of their impact and urgency to get [...]

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Manage Profile Settings

Each Yodiz User has a profile settings section to keep personal preferences. In addition to your general profile [...]

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Board Layout Editor

Board Layout Editor offers complete customization of Yodiz boards including Issue Tracker, Release, Kanban and Scrum Board. Features [...]

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How to use custom fields

In this article we will discuss following things: Create A Custom Field Edit Custom Fields Delete A Custom [...]

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Change Default “Order By” on Boards

This feature is available on Kanban, Release and Issue Tracker Board. It sorts the Items according to your [...]

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Default status for items

Yodiz has default set of status for each item type. You can add new status in a workflow [...]

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Tags Management and “Special Tags” vs “Standard Tags”

Tags are an additional layer of customization for the Items in Yodiz. You can group your data on [...]

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Using Mark down comments editor at Yodiz

You can now use "Mark up" to format comments at Yodiz reloaded Beta. The markdown is only yet [...]

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