What is a User Story and its Estimation Methods?

User Story is a small container of feature that gives value to the customer. An example of User [...]

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User Effort Report

To fetch effort summary of a user(s) regardless of project details, you can use TimeSheet view. Effort reports [...]

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Using Bulk Edit

Bulk Edit option can be used for: To update more than one User Stories in Backlog at once [...]

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Yodiz Video Tutorials

How to Integrate Intercom - Yodiz Integrations In this video we will cover: Integration setup for Intercom View [...]

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Step By Step Scrum Guide using Yodiz

This is a guide to setup your project using Scrum methodology where the focus is to work smoothly [...]

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What are Agile Scrum meetings?

Scrum is an agile framework that manages your project and delivers value iteratively at short intervals. In recent [...]

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Yodiz Boards

In this article we will discuss following things: Yodiz Board Types Access a Board Decide Default Board Layout [...]

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How to create a new project?

A project is placeholder to keep your work together. To create a new project, you may need Admin [...]

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How to Integrate Intercom with Yodiz

In this article we will discuss following things: Add Intercom Account Working with Intercom conversations Unlink Account Intercom [...]

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Item Screen

In this article we will discuss following things: Default Screen Custom Screen Edit Custom Screen Delete Custom Screen [...]

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Activity Feed

An activity stream is a list of recent activities performed by the users, on the items of a [...]

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Backlog Analytics

A successful project depends a lot on how you prioritize and plan your backlog items. We offer Backlog [...]

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Effort Log and Timer Feature

To create a Sprint Backlog, some teams feel comfortable to use ideal hours to estimate their Tasks and [...]

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Using Recycle Bin

The onset panic after accidentally deleting a work item is a thing of the past. Following deleted items [...]

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Manage Priorities

Priorities help to classify User Story importance concerning business value. Get the most important User Stories done first [...]

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Manage Severities

Severities help you to categorize your Issues according to the seriousness of their impact and urgency to get [...]

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Manage Profile Settings

Each Yodiz User has a profile settings section to keep personal preferences. In addition to your general profile [...]

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Use “Status Reason” in Project

Very often teams want to log the reason when some status of an Item (User Story, Issue, and [...]

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Company Pulse

To get insight into the progress of all your projects at the single place, use Company Pulse. It [...]

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Project Settings

Project Settings allows you to manage your projects and offers project level customizations. It can be only accessed [...]

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