Can I customize Quick Add options?

Yes, you can customize quick add options. Users can add or remove any existing Item field in Quick [...]

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What is the difference between Quick Add and Detail Add – User Story?

Quick Add lets you add a user story with minimal details. Detail Add allows you to add all [...]

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What is the Cumulative Flow Diagram and How can I make use of it in my Backlog?

The Cumulative Flow Diagram(CFD) is fundamental tool to visualize project progress and helps to spot potential problems. By [...]

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I want to see trend of User Stories, created, implemented and closed, how can I do that?

You can find these stats in the dashboard under User Story widgets. The User Story Statistics chart provides [...]

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How do I export only selected User Stories?

Export feature offers users to define and export a particular set of your project data. In export options, [...]

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In which formats can I export backlog contents?

You can export your Backlog contents in CSV format only. Although, Sprint, Issues and Release board contents can [...]

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What contents gets exported when I export my backlog?

Few built in field values are by default selected, that include Position, Title and ID. However, you can [...]

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How do I export my backlog?

In order to export your Backlog, click on the far right Settings icon in backlog view, select Export [...]

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I only see built-in columns, I want to see my custom fields as columns, can I?

Custom fields can be made visible in "Backlog" as Column. You can add custom fields associated with User [...]

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How do I assign a User Story to a Release?

Yodiz offers multiple ways to add User Story in a Release. Assign Release to Individual User Story You [...]

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Is there a quick and easy way to see which user made changes in the backlog?

Yes, simply click on Main Navigation Menu icon. You can see updates on My Work and All Activities [...]

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Suddenly I do not see all of my data on the board, where it disappeared?

Most common reasons of an empty board are: Filter is applied on the board, check if there is [...]

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Can I change list of my Quick Filters?

Quick filters are built-in feature but you can definitely add, edit, or delete the Saved Filters. Learn more [...]

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Where can I find the filter I saved?

In Backlog, Release or Epic Board, you can find your saved filter. Filter Item > More Filters > [...]

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Can I search with all fields?

Yes, you can search for any field value. User made Custom field values are also searchable. Click on [...]

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Are there only three filters in the filter bar?

There are more built-in filters that you can choose on the right-hand corner of the filter bar. Filter [...]

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How do I edit multiple User Stories at the same time?

Bulk Actions provides option to edit multiple user stories at the same time in Backlog. You can add [...]

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How do I assign a User Story to a sprint ?

There are 3 ways to move a user story to a sprint. On Edit User Story view, click [...]

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My User Story is at the bottom of backlog, how do I move it to top?

You can use star priority option; User Stories with highest Star Priority will be shown at the top. [...]

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How do I re-organised my User Stories by priority?

To prioritize your user stories you can simply choose its star priority. Or while in your backlog, you [...]

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