How to add and manage components

Components can only be created, edited and deleted by "Super Admin" or "Project Admin", follow these steps to [...]

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Associating Items Across Projects

Multiple teams and project dependencies can be handled by using Item Dependencies. If you want to create a [...]

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Rich Text Editor

To define details of a work item, you can format text, set font, size, and color, and also [...]

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What is Item Workflow?

Workflow is an assortment of statuses, which are used to track the progress of an item. Each Project [...]

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How can I take backup of my project data?

To take backup of your Project data, use Yodiz export feature. You can export data from backlog, sprint, [...]

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How do I use Workflow template CSV for a Yodiz project?

You can define your project workflow in a csv file and import your defined workflow. Yodiz provides CSV [...]

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Customize Yodiz Board Layout

In this article we will discuss following things: Working with Item Workflow Add New Panel Hide unmapped Status [...]

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How to Customize Board Card

If you ask your team in general, what is the most tedious task, you want to avoid? Majority [...]

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How can I show or hide unscheduled items from Calendar?

Unscheduled Items panel in Calendar is shown at the left side. It can be collapsed by clicking on [...]

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Can I set my default project so whatever view I select, I see its contents first?

No, there is no default project option in Yodiz. But you can bookmark any project as favorite to [...]

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How to switch/change current status set scheme of a project?

You can switch/change the associated status set scheme of a project by following navigation provided below: Go to [...]

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How can I Duplicate a Board?

You can copy an existing board layout via board layout editor and make changes in the duplicate layout [...]

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How can I archive a board?

Archiving a board will store a board layout settings for later but it will not be shown under [...]

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What is an archived board?

Board layout settings can be saved for later use. An archived board will not be shown in available [...]

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What is Turn On/Off “Status Reason”?

“Status Reason” is a status specific trigger. This is to handle scenarios, where you want to enforce users [...]

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What is turn On/off “Duplicate of” feature?

"Duplicate of” is a status specific trigger. This is to cater multiple team dependency scenarios. Whenever an item [...]

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Can I add any other status set than ToDo, In Progress and Done?

Basic Status Set (Todo, In Progress and Done) is not editable. On top of this basic set, any [...]

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Why I cannot update default status set scheme?

You need admin rights to update status set scheme. Ask your admin. for any changes.

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What is the difference in changing status in board layout editor vs status set scheme?

Status Set Scheme is a central place to define and store different statuses. Only an admin. can define [...]

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How can I Rename a Status?

A Status title can be renamed. Click on the Edit option given in menu icon (ellipses) on the [...]

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