What is a Work Item?

A work Item is your project item that indicates the type of work, what needs to be done [...]

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What is a Task?

A task is the sub-item of a User Story. You can break down a User Story into multiple [...]

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Associating Items Across Projects

Multiple teams and project dependencies can be handled by using Item Dependencies. If you want to create a [...]

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Update an Item Status

There are 3 ways to update an item (User Story, Task, Issue) status: Using Item Card on the [...]

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Copy or Clone a Work Item

Yodiz copies everything in new work item except commit log, history, effort estimate, dependency, and timeline. To clone [...]

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Rich Text Editor

To define details of a work item, you can format text, set font, size, and color, and also [...]

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How to export backlog and user stories in Yodiz

You can easily export your user stories. Follow these steps: Go to Agile On the left menu select [...]

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Add users to multiple projects

To add user to multiple projects, follow these steps: Click on Administration (from top right settings icon). Choose [...]

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Reorder user stories in Product Backlog

In Yodiz we offer 3 quick ways to reorder users stories in the product backlog. Drag any user [...]

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Setting Time Zone Value for Graphs

Your Project Timezone is reflected on Graphs as well. End of a workday is calculated according to your [...]

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Log effort Report

Teams log effort and get its report as per need.

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How to use Google apps account with Yodiz apps

Some of Yodiz apps don't have the possibility to use Google Apps or Google Services login option. However, [...]

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Working with multiple companies accounts at Yodiz using same email

You can be part of multiple companies at Yodiz. Here are main points You can only sign up [...]

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How to move Account ownership to other person

The person who signs-up at Yodiz becomes the "Owner" and "Super Admin" by default. If you are an [...]

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Associate existing Yodiz account with your Google Apps

It's very simple to associate existing Yodiz account with Google Apps to enable Google Single-Sign On. Follow these [...]

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How to manage Admin and Super Admin rights

To grant someone Admin or Super Admin rights, please follow these steps. Go to Administration from top right [...]

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How to add users manually to Yodiz without email invitation

There are 2 options to add new users to your organization/project at Yodiz. Invite new user, you enter [...]

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How to add users to your project?

In 3 simple steps you can invite new members: Click on Administration link, which you can find on [...]

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How can I add an Item in a Sprint and Release at the same time through Planning board?

In the planning board, you can drag and drop an item to one panel only at a time. [...]

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What is I.N.V.E.S.T?

INVEST is a simple guide to write meaningful User stories. In general, User stories are supposed to have [...]

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