Subscription Plan is made flexible as much possible. There is no hidden fee and you pay for what you use. Change your subscription plan anytime by:

  • Changing Subscription package type
    • Agile+Issue Tracker
    • Issue Tracker
  • Add or reduce number of users within a billing cycle
    • New users will instantly be given access to Yodiz and can start using the new product package immediately.

If you are in the middle of a billing cycle, price changes will be reflected in your next billing cycle. Next payment date is readjusted by considering:

  • New number of users
  • Previously paid amount
  • Days left in previous billing cycle
Note: If you already have an outstanding payment, it is not possible to change package until payment settings are updated to a valid number. After successfully changing payment settings, you will be notified to charge for pending payment the same day 13:30 GMT or next day. For further queries, contact us at

To upgrade or downgrade your subscription package,

Go to Settings Icon > Billing > Payment Management > Change Plan

payment subscription package
  • Choose package type (Agile+issue tracker or Issue Tracker)
  • Select number of users by using the slider
  • You can make transactions with Credit Card or PayPal.
  • Choose package type
  • Change Payment Method if needed, by clicking “Change Method” on top right corner.
  • Subscription Details are mentioned in the right panel.
  • Provide all needed information and confirm payment.
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear in order to confirm your payment. Details of changes are mentioned in confirmation dialog.
Note: Payment Notifications and invoice will be sent on your provided email ID under Billing Contact Information.
  • Check details of billing changes under Payment Management pages, where you can see adjusted next billing date and amount.
  • details of billing
  • Click on “Go Back to Application” to resume using Yodiz for your projects.