Closing a company account means that you will not be able to access any of your project data.

Important to Know:
  • If you have paid for Yodiz services earlier and want to transfer remaining credits to another account, contact our support team.
  • Your subscription can be terminated at the end of the current billing cycle and your credit card will not be charged again. If you choose to cancel an account prior to the end of billing cycle, no credits are offered or can be refunded.

First step towards closing an account is to downgrade your account to Free. This will allow you to still access all your project data with limited 3 users access.

To close your company account, Subscription Manager rights are needed:

  • Go to main Navigation Panel > Settings > Billing > Payment Management
  • Click on “Downgrade to Free”
  • Payment Management
  • Downgrade action is irreversible. Only 3 users will be able to use application now.
  • To Close Account, click on Close Account that is available under payment management pages now.
Note: Your subscription and project data will be deleted in next 1-2 days.