Default role defines the automatic selection of the role for the new users. This role is also automatically assigned to all new or existing users who are added to a project.

Super Admin can define a User Role as the default role in your organization.

  • Go to Navigation Menu Setting-Menu-Icon Settings > Projects and Users > Manage Roles and Permissions
  • List of defined roles will be shown, where one role is defined as “Default role”
  • To change default role to another role
    • Click on the Role, you want to make as default
    • Role permission settings will be shown. Click on “Make this role as default role” mentioned besides Role Name. Save the changes.
    • Default Role is now changed and new users will be allocated with this role by default.
Note: Project Admin can change project members role. To check Project Settings, click on Navigation Menu Settings > Projects and Users > Manage Projects > Settings.