Email notifications are customizable at user profile level. You can choose to get a notification for an item progress and similarly choose to not for some other scenarios. Notifications are sent for an update on Issue, User Story, and Task. Customizable Scenarios are:

  • When an issue/user story/task assigned to me
  • A comment is a placed on an item, I am responsible for
  • An issue is updated
  • An issue is deleted
  • New comment added to an item that I am following
  • New tag added to an item that I am following

You can change your email notification settings, anytime. These settings will be applicable on all of your projects.

  • Click on main Navigation menu, profile icon located on the right most side of the menu.
  • Select Email Settings from drop down
  • Go to your profile setting and click on the second tab “Notifications” > Email Settings. Here you can select your desired notification settings by just marking down checkboxes.
Email Notification Settings

Trouble getting email notification?

Following could be the reasons. please recheck, if the mentioned information is correct.

  • Your Email ID, mentioned in Yodiz is invalid
  • You are not among Responsible or Followers of that particular item
  • You are not anymore in that project users list

If you still face any problems, please contact