If you Complete a Sprint then Status of sprint will be changed to Accepted. User will be given option to take an action on UnDone items by moving or copying them in other sprints. It is not compulsory to to take an action on UnDone items.

To Complete a Sprint:

  • Go to Sprint Board and select the sprint
    Click on Sprint´s Right Navigation Panel > Settings > Complete Sprint
  • A pop-up will show the complete stats of your sprint. You need to move/copy your incomplete items to other sprints or backlog.
  • If you have some incomplete items in sprint, Select from following 3 actions for UnDone items:
    • Move to Sprint: to move unDone items to another sprint
    • Copy to Sprint: to keep current sprint contents intact and duplicate UnDone items to target sprint.
    • Move to Backlog: to move Undone items back to Backlog

It is recommended to Complete a Sprint before Closing it.