Logging effort is only supported for tasks and issues. User Story can only show sum of this effort in three forms, effort estimated, remaining and spent. On Scrum board, only sum of associated task/issue effort shown under User Story as well.

Create a custom field, if you want to log effort on User story. Make it mandatory, if you want users must use it.

Note: custom field creation needs admin rights, contact your admin to create such fields
Main navigation menu, Settings > Configurations > Manage Custom fields > Add new Custom field
  • Step 1 Select Item field type as Text
  • Step 2 Name the field, and mark Numbers Only option to make sure that each user can only put a number. To make it a mandatory field, check “Is Required” option
  • Step 3 Define the scope by selecting User Story from given options and select the Project where you want to use it
  • For a new user story, enter effort estimate number as well
  • User Story effort field will be available for all users and is viewable in Item detail or modal view