A Sprint is Closed for two possible reasons:

1. User changed status of Sprint to Closed manually

If a Sprint is closed using Complete Sprint option, its contents may have been moved to backlog or new sprint, depending on the user selection at closing sprint. In such case, you still need to make sure what contents are needed after reopening a sprint.

2. Sprint auto-close option was enabled and system Closed the Sprint on the end date

If a Sprint is auto-closed, it does not make any changes in Sprint contents itself. It only changes the status of Sprint to Closed. You can edit sprint status later by changing Sprint Details. To re-open a Sprint:

  • Navigate to Recently Closed sprints > select the sprint you want to reopen
  • Recently-Closed-Sprints
    Note: If End Date of Sprint is in the future, and Sprint was closed with no actions, lt still be shown in Active Sprint list.
  • Click on Sprint board right navigation menu > Settings > Edit Sprint Details
    • Change End Date of Sprint to a future date
    • Change Status of Sprint to “Active”
    • Save the changes
Note: If your Project is using a Custom Status Set scheme, select a Sprint Status that is configured under “In Progress” Category of status scheme.