Super Admin can define a new User Role in your organization. Once a new role is defined then Project Admin can assign it to other users. To define a new role:

  • Define New Role Name, mark “Default Role?” Option, if you want all new users would have this new role by default.
  • Click on Access Project Settings, if you want users of this role to have access to project settings.
  • Note: To check, what are your Project Settings, click on top right corner Setting-Menu-Icon Settings > Project & Users >Manage Projects > Settings. Settings for each project are provided at the right side.
  • Permissions for each item type (Sprint, User Story, Task, Issue, Epic, Release), where the user can Create, Edit, Delete, Comment and Reorder any item. Unchecking the permission will revoke user right to do that particular action.
Note: Item permissions can be changed at project level by project admin as well.