Item Card Color is configurable on an Item type and its status. You can set the different color for an Issue when it is In Progress than when it is Done. Color per status option is available only for User Story, Task, and Issue. You can set color of an item Card on the following supported Yodiz Boards.

Board Type Supported Color Settings On Items
Scrum Board Issue, Task
Kanban User Story, Issue, Task
Release User Story, Issue
Issue Tracker Issue
  • Select Project on the Board
  • Click on Board right navigation menu > Settings > Customize Board Columns
  • Locate Item type on left panel, against which statuses are placed in different panels
  • Mouse over the status, for which you want to select a different color
  • Click on the Color Icon set-color , and select the card color for the item
  • Save the changes
  • Item Card will show your selected color on the board items now.
Note: Status Card settings are Project and board specific. Learn more How to apply a different board layout.