You can Import your data easily by using Yodiz CSV (earlier called Smart CSV). Yodiz provides CSV template to ensure correct data format.

Steps are simple to follow:

  • Download Yodiz CSV template.
  • Do not Change header in the CSV file. This will ensure correct mapping of data to the fields.
  • Title length is 255 and Description character length is 50,000 respectively.
  • Yodiz-Export-CSV-File
  • Download/Export data file from the other tool e.g., Jira, Pivotal Tracker
  • Fill the Downloaded Yodiz CSV template with your data and upload file.
  • Append “@” before user story specific custom field name and “#” for issue specific custom field title. Example: #customFieldName , @customFieldName
  • If you import custom field via CSV, the custom field title will be imported as is, but data values will only be imported as the text field.