To create an issue, select the Project and use main Add drop down menu available on almost all boards.

You can associate independent Issues with User Story after their creation, however, association is not mandatory.

1. Independant Issue

Use Add dropdown available under main navigation menu. Follow the screenshot below:


You can select between Quick Add and Add with Details. Quick Add opens the inline popup to enter minimal information. Add with Details will open a Popup, to enter all details.

User Story associated Issue

Locate the User Story on the board and Click on + Issue under User Story widget. Adding Issue here will create it under this User Story.

2. Add Issue with Detail

Choosing Add Issue with Details will land you to following popup.


An Issue contains following information:

Field Name Description
Title Bug caption, one concise statement describing main issue
Details It is rich text field where you can use different formatting options as well
Steps to Reproduce A place to write down all steps, so developer can make sure, if error is reproducible
Attachments Add attachments as evidence. You can drag and drop files here. You can use Yodiz Grab to capture your browser screen.
Responsible A Person in your team, who is going to fix the issue
Status By default, it is New, but this default value is editable in your Project status settings.
Severity Select the severity by evaluating impact of the issue on end user
MoSCoW Priority Set the Priority by understanding its urgency to get it fixed
Add Tags Use tags to classify such types of issues in one category
Project Mention the Project, where it is found
Sprint Mention Sprint, where it should be fixed
Release Associate to Release, where it was found or should get fixed
Due Date Expected date to get the issue fixed
Component Not a compulsory field, but if team is dealing with multiple components, then it is useful. You can add new component using + sign on top of its dropdown.
Other Responsible Mention names of other team members, who are also responsible for the issue fixation.
Followers Team members can add their names here. For any change in issue, followers of the issue will get notified.