GitLab integration enables Gitlab user to push: Issue, Task, User Story and Epics related commits in Yodiz. After this Integration you can:

  • Commit messages in Gitlab for Yodiz Tasks, Issues, User Story and Epics.
  • Update Status of Yodiz items directly from GitLab. Commit Log format is easy to follow.
  • View these logged messages under Yodiz Item > Item details > Commit Log section.

Configure GitLab Integration

Please follow these steps to configure GitLab web hooks.

  1. Go to leftmost Navigation Menu > Integrations > Apps & Integrations
  2. How-to-Configure-Gitlab-Integration
  3. Select Gitlab and Copy the unique URL provided at GitLab integration page in Yodiz
  4. GitLab-Integration-Page
  5. Sign into GitLab and select the project, for which you want to enable webhook.
  6. Select-Desired-Project
  7. Go to Project “Settings” and select “Integrations”.
  8. Gitlab-Integrations
  9. Paste the unique Yodiz URL to integration URL field that you copied from Yodiz Gitlab integration pages
  10. Please ensure that you have enable “Push Events” and Enable “SSL verification” checkbox.
  11. Merge-Request-Events-Checkbox-in-Gitlab
    Note: If you want to use Pull Request feature of Yodiz, please select “Merge Request Events” checkbox too.
  12. Click on “Add Webhook”
  13. That’s it. You are done.