We support integration to all Mercurial repositories. You can hook Yodiz Tasks, Issues, Epics and User Stories with your code commits. The process is simple.

1. Integration Setup

  • Download hook post-commit-hg
  • Copy hook to your local machine.
  • Add hook path in hrc file located in Mercurial repository e.g repository/.hg/hrc
  • Path entry should look like:[hooks] commit=sh “your local machine path”/post-commit-hg
  • Be sure you have installed bash and curl support in your system.
Note: For Microsoft window users please download Bash curl and add its path in your Environment Variables e.g c:\bash-curl\

If post-commit script not working on your environment, you can send commit log to yodiz directly using Post commit webhook.

2. Commit to Yodiz

Commit notations are simple. Learn How to Link Commits to Yodiz?

2.1 Tasks commit example

After finishing the task, in below screenshot a developer is committing a file with a commit message: “@T2:R” .

“@” represents existence of a notation. “T” represents Task. “2” numeric value after “T” is the task Id. “R”after colon tells the system to mark the task “Resolved”.

Note: You can skip “:R” from the notation if you do not want to mark the task done.