Yodiz supports integration with SVN through many code repository services. Assembla is one of those supported tools. Let’s take Assembla as an example here.

Setup Integration

In order to integrate SVN with Yodiz via Assembla, you need:

  1. Assembla account configured with Yodiz
  2. Tortoise SVN client installed on your system

Follow the steps below to setup SVN integration.

  1. Create a new Space in Assembla.
  2. Add SVN repository from the provided options.
  3. Copy the Checkout URL provided at the top.
  4. New-Space-in-Assembla
  5. Go to the folder where you want to perform SVN checkout.
  6. Right click and select SVN checkout.
  7. Paste the URL you copied in Step 3 and click on the OK button.
  8. SVN-Checkout
  9. Provide your credentials for Assembla and authenticate your account.
  10. You will see a progress popup something like the following, click OK.
  11. SVN-Checkout-Finished

    Post Commits

  12. Post commits whenever you make new changes to the local folder you chose in Step 4.
  13. If you have made some changes in the files and want to update Yodiz, simply right click and choose SVN Commit.
  14. Write the Notation for the action you want to perform in Yodiz.

Click on OK. Now in Yodiz, you can see the commit log under your chosen Item.