If you are a part of multiple Organizations, you can save multiple login efforts by using the same email id in all Organizations. This way, you can easily switch organizations with just on single click, in Yodiz.

Switch Organisation

To work on your projects in different organizations, click on Switch Organisation drop down change-company-in-yodiz on top right corner of navigation menu.

Note: Switch Organisation option is visible to the users, who are the member of more than one organizations.

Selected Organisation specific projects will appear on all boards. Your To-Do board will show your work items of the selected Organisation.

View Progress Summary per Organisation

You can also see your project’s summary of different organizations at the Company Pulse pages. By using Switch Organisation change-company-in-company-pulse drop-down list, look at summary of your Projects, Issues, Sprints, and Backlog per Organisation.


Using Switch Organization at Company Pulse pages