Integrations for Post Commit Webhook can be accessed through the Source Code Integrations page.


Following is the guide to complete integration steps for Post Commit Webhook.

Go to Yodiz Navigation menu, top leftmost icon > Integrations > Source Code integration

  1. Select Post Commit Webhook from the list.
  2. A URL is provided at the landing page.Use this URL for posting data to Yodiz.
  3. Follow the sample Json for reference:
"comments" : "your comments go here e.g @B1:R (will mark bug 1 status as resolved)", 
"repuser" : "your code repository user name e.g Gabby", 
"scmType" : "code repository type you are using e.g svn/git/tfs etc", 
"revision" : "code revision e.g 3343", 
"branch" : "code branch e.g main", 
"log" : ["file1.txt modified","file2.txt added"]
Note: You should use your own Project values against each Json key and post it to above mentioned url.