Very often teams want to log the reason when some issue/bug status is changed to resolved, ignored or closed etc. At project Edit Details page, there is setting to enforce users to add “reason”, when status is changed to specific values.


  • From settings option select “Project level Settings” 123123
  • Click on Settings for the project you want to edit.
  • Check “Use Status Reason for Issues”.
  • Click on “SAVE” button 123123123
Now when ever issue status is changed to one of the following status, user will be prompted to enter the reason. This reason will be added to the comments with the prefix.
  • Resolved
  • Ignored
  • Duplicated
  • Closed
  • Not Reproducible
  • Re-opened
  • Blocked
  • Rejected
  • Status reason is shown with proper prefix at comments
Please note:
In order to use status reason for custom statuses from the Status Set settings, this option must be enabled.