There is a varied impact of changing a Workflow scheme on a project and board configuration.

On the other Projects

If you make changes in one Workflow Scheme, all the projects associated with that Scheme will be impacted.

  • Adding a new status in your workflow will add this status in all projects that are using this workflow. Status changes will not be reflected in respected Project Boards until you map it with Board Panels using “Customize Panels and Cards” available for each project board.
  • If you delete a Status from any category, you will be required to map a new Status, before deleting the original Status. This newly mapped status will now replace the deleted status for all associated projects.
  • Item Status based Reports, charts, and analytics will also be impacted.

On the Board Configuration

Since Board Configurations are totally dependent on the Workflow as a base point, changing the project workflow scheme means that all the previous statuses you had, are moved into the Unmapped column. You will need to map panels for those statuses again.