Yodiz supports priority field with simple “High Priority” or 4 level “MoSCoW” priority. At project settings you can decide whether you want to use “MoSCoW” priority or not.

At issues edit view, if MoSCoW priority is On then, user can select one of the following 4 options.

  • – – –
  • Must Fix
  • Should Fix
  • Could Fix
  • Options shown on Issue Details page under Priority field:

    Issue Details page under Priority field

    Each MoSCoW priority has it’s own icon, that is displayed on the Issue Card as well.

    Must Fix: must-fix Should Fix: Should Fix Could Fix: Could Fix

    To Change Project Settings:

    • From Navigation menu, Settings > Project & Users > Manage Projects > Locate Project Name > Settings > Priority Settings
    • Select “Use MoSCoW priority for issues”
    • Click on “SAVE” button
    • Go back to application > check your project issue details page, now displays these options.