Use this graph to filter your project cumulative Issue count per user based on severity. It shows you the number of Open Issues in the specified time period as per their severity in a project. This graph will help you identify the stat of critical and normal Issues in a Project, Sprints, Releases per Responsible.

You can analyze:

  • How many blocker or critical bugs need to get fixed
  • Distribution of bugs among team members
  • Number of Open issues in specific sprint or release

Interpret this chart

An easy to comprehend table is provided in this chart.

  • The leftmost columns show Users.
  • Next columns have the number of Issues with particular severity provided in the top row.

Prerequisite for this Graph

  • Issues must be assigned to team members.
  • Assign Issues to a Sprint or release to get them fixed in targeted timeframe.

Important points

  • You can select multiple Releases, Sprints, and Users for this chart while generating it.
  • Only one project can be selected at a time.
  • Start Date is Issue creation date.
  • End Date is the last date to collect data. e.g., Today.
  • For later reference, you can export graph statistics in “.csv”.