Renaming a status label will change it in Status Scheme and change will be applied to all projects using respective scheme.

Changing or deleting an existing status will impact all items that have the same current status. This operation is irreversible and it might affect your board configurations. It is advised to export your project data beforehand to secure your existing data. You can import the same data later, if needed.

To edit or delete a status, click on its eclipse icon > Edit/Delete. Renaming a status will update its name in all associated projects using the same scheme. Deleting a status would need mapping the selected status with another status of the same status category. After successful deletion of the status, all project items with “deleted” status will have the mapped status now.

To prevent any mistakes, renaming a status needs Admin rights.

Tip: You can duplicate a status set scheme to prevent any changes in existing projects.

To rename a status, please follow these steps.

Go to top right Settings dropdown > Configurations > Workflow

Rename a Status
  • Locate the scheme and ensure that your project name is listed under Projects list
  • Edit the scheme and look for item type status e.g., Issue
  • Rename a status by clicking on status ellipses icon > Edit
  • Rename the status and save the changes
  • Go back to the application and you will notice that status changes are applied already.
  • Editing a status can impact more than one project if the same scheme is used by multiple projects. Hence, editing a status is limited access for Super Admin only.
Note: All Users can add a new status, change board layout and color settings via Board Layout Editor