In your Company or Project, if two agile teams are working where teams are following almost the same process but one team is following WIP limit while other team does not want a WIP limit.

There are no changes in item workflow, but a different board layout is needed.

  1. Two teams are using the same board, Kanaban in this case.
  2. Teams are following the same workflow.
  3. Board Layout needs are different for both teams. Team1 is satisfied with their current board layout where Item limit per panel is not enforced while Team2 wants to make changes in board layout by adding a new panel and adding Item limit per Panel.

To achieve that:

  • Click on Navigation menu, Sprints > Open an existing sprint of Team1
  • Go to right navigation menu > Settings > Customize Cards & Panel
  • Reuse One Workflow with Different Board Layout
  • Click on dotted lines of Board layout option and select Duplicate.
  • Name this new board and Save the changes. Duplicate Board is now created.
  • Open Team2 Sprint contents on the Sprint board and Go to right navigation menu > Settings > Customize Cards & Panel
  • Change Board Layout to the new duplicate board.
  • Make changes in the board layout. Click on Panel header to add “Item Limit”.
  • Add New Panel by clicking on Add New Panel button. Make changes and save it.
  • Team2 board layout is now different than Team1.