Yodiz supports integration with a variety of version control systems. Integrating with such tools enables you to track code commits under Item Commit Log section. Item Commit Log shows your version control id with details of changes in the code.

To avoid any confusion between usernames in Item Commit log section; Version Control Account Id(s) tab in Profile settings allows you to map multiple version control Id(s) with Yodiz id. By mentioning your ids here, your Version Control ID will map with Yodiz name. Commit log section will show your Yodiz name for making any changes in the code. With this user authentication, Yodiz is not interacting with user data in provided tools.

Sync Credentials For Code Commit Section

For example, if your Github account user name is Hillevi Clark while your user name is Hillevi Valter in Yodiz then mentioning your Github account name (Hillevi Clark) in Yodiz Version Control Id field will show your Yodiz name in the commit log section of an item. If you do not map names here, your Github username will be shown in Item Commit entry.