Billing taxes depends on your company’s registration place. Billing country determines if any withholding tax applies on payment or not?

In Billing information, we collect VAT ID (Value Added Tax) for the companies who are resided in the European Union. VAT percentage is calculated based on the country selection.

If VAT is applicable on your company, in payment method pages, provide VAT ID and Yodiz will add applicable VAT charges with a subscription fee. VAT is collected in US dollars and you can see billing details under Billing invoice.

Update Billing Country

To change tax related billing information

  • Navigation Panel > Settings Icon > Billing > Payment Management
  • Click on Update Payment Settings > select payment method. This payment method can be the same as earlier.
  • Change billing country from Billing Information
  • billing-information
  • Save the changes. VAT changes will be applied from the NEXT billing date.
  • Billing invoice
  • Billing invoice shows VAT explicitly.