The definition of done is used to make sure that the requirement is developed and tested according to business expectations.

Agile teams use it as a guideline when delivering user stories in the sprint backlog by setting it’s as Done. It is used to verify that all aspects of the user story are taken care off and the user story can be signed-off.

The following sample checklist of criteria is an example to determine if a user story is done:

  • All related tasks are completed.
  • The configuration and development in the dev environment are ready, this includes all relevant profile/permission sets.
  • The functional and technical solution descriptions are entered in Yodiz.
  • The functional and technical design document is updated.
  • The deployment steps on a secured shared network site are updated.
  • The story is demonstrated in the sprint demo and accepted by the product owner.
  • The system test scenario’s are documented and executed successfully in the development environment using a relevant user profile (i.e. not just system admin). This step will be done by the tester in the team.