Some of the key things that you can do at Board layout editor are:

  • Create multiple new columns/panels.
  • Rename panel header.
  • Set panel header color.
  • Map status to panel based on your needs and workflow.
  • Set the default drop status of each panel.
  • Set color of widget on board based on status.

Let’s start with”Sprint Board”.

Create new board layout

To create new board layout,

  • Go to “Sprint Board”
  • Click on the board icon
  • Click on “Change Board”
  • Then select “+ New Board” or choose from the drop-down list if you have already created one.

Designing New board

Follow these steps and note important items in the following list:

  • From top select “Scrum” or “Kanban” type of board. In this example, we are working with “Scrum” configuration.
  • Select your project, by default your current project should be selected there. Please note that board layouts are Project Specific.
  • From right side, click on button “New Board” and write board layout name.
  • You will see 3 columns
  • “Unmapped Status”: It is column where you will see all the issues and Tasks status listed.
  • Drag status from Unmapped column and drop to “Panel 1” or 2. You can rename the Panels by clicking on edit icon at top of panel
  • You can also customize the “Panel” or “column” header by clicking on the color icon.

Important points to note

In the following screenshot, we have marked some important points from 1 – 5, their explanation is as follows:

  • This icon shows that, in this example layout editor when some issue is dropped in panel 1 named “Not Started”, the status will be “New”.
  • Similarly the default status for task in this column when you “DROP” task from other panels to “Not Started” panel would be “New”. However, other status issues like “Re-opened” will also be visible in this column, so for example, if you edit the issue using Modal view and change status of some issue from “In Progress” to “Re-Opened”, it will starting to show up in “Not Started” panel.
  • When you click on the double arrow icon infront of any status, that particular status would become the “Default Drop” status. Although a panel can have multiple status of task or issues, however there could only be SINGLE status set on drop action. That’s why this particular icon and action is provided.
  • Clicking on “color” icon would open a panel of pre-selected set of colors, you can assign any color to the status you like and widgets on Sprint board would be shown in your selected colors.
  • This icon at header of each panel would allow you to rename the panel name.
  • Color icon at panel header would set the color of the panel on sprint board.
  • If you leave some statuses in “unmapped” panel then at sprint board, system automatically creates one extra panel and all unmapped statuses tasks and issues would appear there.