To view and monitor associated user stories, there are few methods.

  • At Epics Board
    • Select Epics option from Main Navigation menu > select Project/Global > Epics list is shown
    • Locate Epic > click on number drop down under Linked User Stories column provided next to each Epic.
    • User Stories are listed with selected useful information under the Epic board view of “Linked User Stories” column. You can view these User stories in 2 modes; minimized and expanded.
    • Minimized view only shows ID and Title.
    • Expanded view show Sprint ID, attachment, Status, Assignee and so on.

Epic completion % is calculated on completion of associated User Stories by total number of stories. If Completion % of an Epic (containing 4 User Stories) is 50%, it means two User Stories are Done and other two are not completed yet.

View Details of Epic associated User Stories
  • Detail View of Epic
    • Click on Epic Id that open Epic details view, click on User Stories Tab that shows existing association, here you can modify or add new User Stories to Epic.