If the built-in System fields of an item do not fulfill your project needs and you want to track work items differently, create your own Custom Field. Custom Fields are now associated via Custom Screens, where a screen can be used by multiple projects. With Yodiz, you can create multiple types of custom fields that include a variety of Standard and Project Data fields.

Note: For Custom Field management you will need Super Admin rights. Contact your System Admin for assistance.

Custom fields are:

  • Project independent – meaning one custom field can be used in multiple Custom Screens that are further used by multiple projects.
  • Optional fields – creating a new custom field does not require any changes for pre-existing items.
  • Item Type Specific – A User Story associated custom field can be associated to any User Story custom screen but not to an Issue custom screen.
  • Flexible – you can create custom fields mid-project, not necessarily at the start of your project.
  • Kept natural – if you make a custom field “Required” (mandatory) on an Custom Screen. Upon creating such new item, project users have to enter a value against the field. However, you do not need to enter any value in pre-existing items until you edit them.
  • Not visible – in item details until you add it in associated Custom Screen of your project. Helpful on Backlog and Issue boards, where you can use a Dropdown custom field as an additional Swimlane option. Swimlanes arrange your board data in different horizontal groups e.g., by Responsible.