Issue widget details are described with icon marks here:

  • User Name User-Name : shows issue Responsible person name and avatar
  • ID Issue-ID : is unique ID of the issue in that Yodiz project.
  • Checkbox checkbox : The checkbox is for selection of the item on Issue Board. Use it, choose particular items for Bulk Actions.
  • Calendar Calendar-Icon: It helps to apply due-date on the item.
  • Severity issue-severity : represents item’s severity. Color of the icon changes according to severity.
  • Status Id-Status : status of the item indicates issue progress
  • MoSCoW priority MoSCoW-Priority : This icon represents the Moscow priority of item. Learn about MoSCoW priority
  • Watch Stopwatch-Icon : Use it log time spent on analyzing and fixing that issue.
  • Followers followers : shows a list of users who are following the current item progress.
  • Comments Comment : shows comments made on the item.
  • Tag Tags-Icon : Add tags under issue for the reference and ease. To add a tag, click on tag Icon.
  • Edit Title Editor-Icon : Edit Issue Title directly on the widget by clicking on edit icon, located at the end of Issue title description.
  • Ellipse Actions-Icon : By clicking on Ellipse icon you can: View Issue Detail, Edit, Delete, Print, Copy URL and Duplicate.