Moving a User Story to another project does not have any impact on User Story basic details but there will be some changes in associations and status set that require consideration.

Basic details that remain intact are:

  • User Story ID, Title, Description, Attachments, Tasks, Tags etc., remain same in the target project.
  • Responsible, other Responsible and Followers will remain same, only if they are also the member of the new project.
Note: If the Responsible does not exist in the target project, you will see the same user as responsible until you edit the Item.

The few impacts of moving the User Story are:

  • All Project specific associations of source project e.g., Sprint, Epic, Release, Component, Custom Fields will be removed.
  • Status set
    • If a Status set is same in source and target projects then there is no impact on moved User Story status.
    • If a status is different in source and target projects then status will be changed according to the target project. In such case, status might change but User Story will be kept in the same Status category of target project.

For example: If your source project has the default status of “New” in To Do category but in target project, the To Do category has default Status as: “Pending”, the moving User Story will adapt the status “Pending” accordingly.