INVEST is a simple guide to write meaningful User stories. In general, User stories are supposed to have certain characteristic described by Bill wake as INVEST.

  • I – Independent – (stories should be as far as possible independent so each of them could be developed and delivered separately.
  • N – Negotiable – (User Stories should discussable further and there should be space of negotiation)
  • V – Valuable – (User Stories should result in adding value to the customer)
  • E – Estimable – (User Stories should be understandable enough so could be divided into the task and could get estimated)
  • S – Small – (User Stories should not be too big, usually should be done in 40 hours of work)
  • T – Testable – (User Stories, usually have acceptance criteria to test if they fulfill customer’s needs)

Keeping them in mind, while you are writing a user story helps development teams from unnecessary hassle of digging correct information later.