Agile is a value based development methodology, where all those features of the product which can add value to the customer are recognized, prioritized and developed based on customer needs. These valuable features are best described in users own words. Hence finding out who are the users is an important task. Once all the users are recognized, requirements which add value to the user are written down considering the needs of those specific users. Since those requirements are coming keeping users in mind, they are called User Stories.

How to Write a User Story?

User Stories are best written in the following format.

As a < User > , I want to < Have > so that < Benefit >

Here user story describes how a user (a manager, a clerk, a developer, a librarian, an owner etc.) will want to interact with the system and get a certain benefit out of that interaction.

User: A user is the user of the system.

  • a manager
  • a clerk
  • a developer
  • a librarian
  • an owner etc.

Benefit: benefit is the value a user will get of the system.

  • a manager can see the audit report in one click, which will save his time.
  • a clerk could search a report, which will save his time.
  • a librarian could search a book by category, through which he/she will improve customer service.
  • an owner can order an equipment, which will save him from hassle.

By writing user story in this way, it’s easier for the reader to know who is getting what, to know that information helps at the time of prioritization, estimation, and development. Also, it opens the door of discussion among different stakeholders.

What are examples of User Stories?

Following are 25 sample user stories.

  • As an administrator, I want to be able to create a new user for the team when needed.
  • As a lawyer, I want to see all my active cases on the main screen.
  • As a student, I want to see all of my old transcripts on the board.
  • As a driver I want my GPS voice activated.
  • As a researcher, I want to see the last few searches I made.
  • As a user, I want the ability to restore my password.
  • As a cashier, I want to see the total amount in the cash register display.
  • As a pilot, I want to know the best flight height to fly in current conditions.
  • As a police officer, I want to see the previous tickets given to a driver.
  • As a postman, I want to know estimated time to deliver today’s emails.
  • As a guitarist, I want to know the speed of my fingers on the string.
  • As a grass mower, I want the mower to avoid hitting blade to hard things
  • As a runner, I want to be warned of an irregular heart rate.
  • As a blind person, I want to be warned for a hard thing coming on my way.
  • As a student, I want to shuffle my flashcards.
  • As a credit card user, I want to be warned if spent more than a set amount.
  • As a kid, I want to turn off all the toys not active for a while.
  • As a driver, I want to be warned of the tire pressure.
  • As a student, I want to be reminded of my class schedule every morning.
  • As a manager, I want to do what-if analysis while planning.
  • As a tester, I want to see all the bugs assigned to me with status.
  • As a ticket booker, I want to be notified as soon as a ticket gets available on a full flight.
  • As a writer, I want my work get auto-saved after every few seconds.
  • As a reader, I want to see the list of most sold books in the last 2 weeks.
  • As a cook, I want to see most visited recipes.