A Project is a placeholder to define an achievable goal within given time limit. To start working in Yodiz, first step is to create a Project where features and work items can be defined as Epics, User Stories, Tasks and Issues. Different Yodiz boards help you to manage Project iterations, in the form of Releases and Sprints. All Yodiz boards except Planning board fetch data for one Project at a time. In Planning board, you can move one Project contents to another Project as well.

For each individual Yodiz Project, Admin. can define Project users, general settings, select estimate methods, add/manage components and status set settings. You can also archive, import and export project data.

Manage Your Projects

To create a Project or access existing project settings:

Go to top right of navigation menu Settings Setting-Menu-Icon > Project & Users > Manage Projects


To change existing project setting, locate project from My Projects list and click on Settings.

Note: Admin. defines User rights, contact your admin. If you need assistance.