Custom Screen is one step towards tailoring your Item screen according to your needs. Customizing a Screen, let you show or hide only relative Project fields. To create a custom screen:

Click on Navigation menu, Configurations > Custom Screens

Note: The Default Screen cannot contain any custom field. You can duplicate a screen to make any changes.
  • Add New Screen or edit existing Custom Screen. Tip: you can duplicate Default Screen as well.
  • Add existing custom field or add new custom field. Place it at top or bottom section of the custom field area.
  • Associate this screen to your project by clicking on Associate on right side panel. Make sure that desired project name is listed in the right side panel of associated projects list.
Note: Project’s association with earlier screen and its fields will be removed. Make sure that all needed fields are mentioned in your Custom Screen.
  • Save the changes and open project item in Yodiz application
  • You can enter value to Custom field that is part of the item details page now.