Multiple teams and project dependencies can be handled by using Item Dependencies. If you want to create a work item for another project or team in your organization:

  • Open your project work item in detail view.
  • Create a Clone or duplicate of the item.
  • Create dependency to the new item by clicking on “Dependencies” section of original item.
  • Create dependency to the new item, for example, “Associates with”. Associated items are listed under this section.
  • If you want that no one closes the original ticket until the duplicate is not fixed, then set dependency as “Blocked By”.
  • Open newly created duplicate item, change its project name and save it.
  • In the Original ticket, you can see the linked item of the other project items. To see the status of the dependent item, look under the Dependencies section of Original item.
Note: Changing the status in other items will not change the status of the original item.