To compensate for browsing speeds, web browsers usually store web pages (and their associated .js & .css files) in a local storage called “cache”. Your browser might still be holding on to those old cached files that might be causing some anomalies after recent Yodiz release. If you are experiencing any anomalies, it is recommended that you hard refresh your browser. This can usually be rectified with Hard Refresh shortcut key that will force browser to download & store new files from recent release. However, what shortcut key combination you need to use on your browser, also depends on what OS (operating system) you are using.

How to Hard Refresh your browser?

Shortcut key for hard refresh varies from one OS to another. This is how to do it on each OS.

Windows / Linux

Windows/Linux users can hard refresh on Firefox and Chrome web browser by using the following combination on their keyboard:
Ctrl + Shift + R       (Ctrl + ⇧ + R)
Shift + F5   (⇧ + Reload Button)

Mac OS

Mac users can hard refresh by using the following combination on their keyboard.
Cmd + Shift + R       (⌘ + ⇧ + R)
Shift + Reload Button       (⇧ + Reload Button)